London Swifties, it is finally your time to get your hands on official Taylor Swift Eras Tour merchandise (merch).

The global mega popstar will be arriving in London on Friday, June 21 for three shows before returning in August for a further five shows, all at Wembley Stadium. 

The 'Anti Hero' singer has taken the world by storm with her Eras Tour world tour, breaking ticket sale records and stadium records across the world.

For each show, Swift has been hosting early merch sales and it's finally London's time to get hands on some products.

Wembley Stadium has released a full guide of where Swifities will be able to buy merch around the venue and when it will be open, find out everything you need to know about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour merch.

When can you get Eras Tour merch at Wembley?

Wembley Stadium confirmed that the following dates and times will be when Taylor Swift fans can get their hands on merch: 

  • Wednesday, June 19: 10am to 8pm
  • Thursday, June 20: 10am to 8pm
  • Friday, June 21: 10am onwards (Show day)
  • Saturday, June 22: 10am onwards (Show day)
  • Sunday, June 22: 10am onwards (Show day)

Where can you get Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch at London's Wembley Stadium?

Swifties will be able to buy official Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch in several places across Wembley.

The stadium's Blue and Green Car Park will host a pop-up merch stall, which is on the venue's west side.

There will also be merch stalls inside the Stadium and official merch units along Olympic Way.

Do you need a ticket to buy Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch?

You do not need to have a ticket to the Eras Tour to buy merch, anyone is able to buy official Taylor Swift merch during days of sale.

What merch is Taylor Swift selling at the Eras Tour London?

The official list of merch being sold at the popstar's London dates has not yet been confirmed. 

However, her previous UK dates in Edinburgh and Liverpool have given London fans an idea of what will be on sale.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch includes hoodies, crewneck jumpers, t-shirts, bracelets, a tote bag, water bottles and posters.

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How much is Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch in the UK?


Prices for London have not been confirmed, but prices are likely to be the same as her tour dates in Edinburgh which were the following:

  • Hoodies: £70
  • Crewneck: £65 for both normal and 1/4 zip
  • T-shirts: £40
  • Bracelet: £30
  • Tote bag: £25
  • Water bottle: £15
  • Posters: £15

Taylor Swift's Wembley Stadium August merch pop-up times and dates have not yet been confirmed.