A free community event in Brockwell Park was cancelled leaving families disappointed, due to excessive mud from a four-day festival run.

The family-friendly event, Brockwell Bounce, was set to take place last Wednesday (May 29) in Brockwell Park, but had to be suspended as the event site was churning with mud after festivities over the weekend.

The park, located in Lambeth, hosted four consecutive festivals from Friday to Monday as part of Brockwell Live.

The event included Project 6, Wide Awake, Cross the Tracks and City Splash respectively.

Brockwell Live also had plans for two upcoming larger events in the early weeks of June.

However, this mass influx of activity has resulted in the ground of Brockwell Park being "churned up” and needing additional maintenance and protection.

In response to this, Brockwell Live has stated plans to apply "additional ground protection" before the upcoming Mighty Hoopla festival and the Lambeth Country Show.

These two events are set for June 1 and 2, and June 8 and 9.

The intention is to prevent further damage from the heightened traffic in the park.

Lambeth Council has responded to the situation and claims it will use additional measures of ground protection, such as applying specialist matting covered with a thin layer of woodchip to shield the ground.

This method of protecting outdoor event spaces has been used previously in other major events, including Radio 1’s Big Weekender in Luton.

The council highlighted that the event organiser, Brockwell Live, is responsible by agreement for the cost of any required repairs deriving from the park’s usage during these gatherings.

These repair works are set to commence immediately following the conclusion of the Lambeth Country Show, according to Lambeth Council.

Despite Wednesday’s cancellation, Brockwell Live aims to offer a replacement community event during the school summer holidays, away from Brockwell Park.

Plans and potential locations for this upcoming event have not yet been confirmed.

Lambeth Council emphasised its determination to maintain the Lambeth Country Show as a free community event, in the face of ongoing budget pressures.

This large gathering, which draws more than 120,000 people, will again take place this year, contributing more than £100,000 to community investment.

A spokesperson for Lambeth Council said: “Heavy rain last weekend saw the free children’s festival on Wednesday, Brockwell Bounce, have to be cancelled.

“Instead a new event during the upcoming school summer holidays is currently being organised for elsewhere, and details will be announced soon.

“The council has approved extra measures for the events area at Brockwell Park to ensure visitor safety, and to protect areas that had become muddy on the downpours from damage ahead of the weekend.

“The site is being assessed daily, and the council’s parks team is working with an independent grass and landscaping expert firm to ensure the park is restored to its best condition as quickly as possible.”