A video showing a confrontation between a police officer and a member of the public about an allegedly unsupervised van is doing the rounds on social media.

The video shows a police van parked up with no officer in sight for a few seconds before the person recording approaches another man, an officer, and asks what he is doing.

The man confronts the nonuniformed officer about why the van was left unoccupied, alleging that it had been left unattended and turned on.

The officer replies, “are you taking the mick?” and when the person recording the video says that he would be able to just jump in and drive away with the van, the police officer appears to respond with “well I’d taser you.”

Later on, the video shows the camera man move around the van and the officer accuses him of trying to get in before the conversation becomes more heated.

The officer, who says that he is a sergeant in the force, tells the man to move on before threatening him with a “section 50”.

He then appears to arrest the man after he does not give his name and address.

The caption of the video, which was posted to the platform X by account @Mr_Scott_Cheggs, reads: “What happens if you criticise a police officer in Epsom about them leaving a vehicle unattended with the engine running parked on double yellows ? (something you would get a ticket for).”

A spokesperson for Surrey Police has said that the content of the video involving two officers from Epsom is being reviewed and it has been referred to the Professional Standards Department.