Croydon has been named as the most violent borough in London, according to an analysis of recent stats.

According to data assessed by defence solicitors Lawtons, the borough reported over 10,000 violent instances in 2023 alone, marking a five per cent year-on-year increase.

The numbers are part of a wider trend of increased crime in the capital, with the yearly crime rate said to be up 15 per cent.

Theft and sexual offences also record highs in 2023, with nearly twice the crimes than in 2021.

A crime index created by defence solicitors Lawtons revealed that London's most crime-ridden borough was Westminster, scoring 97 out of 100.

The data revealed that Westminster topped the list in every offence with theft standing out the most.

Over a fifth of the total thefts in the capital happened in Westminster alone, five per cent more than the average crime rate in England.

However, the spotlight was stolen by Croydon, named as among the top-five worst boroughs but specifically top of the list for widespread violence.

Nick Titchener, criminal defence solicitor at London law firm Lawtons Solicitors, said: “We are seeing more reports of violence in the South of London in places like Croydon in particular.

“Although the figures naturally reflect national trends which are rising due to less crime recorded during the pandemic, it is still a concern that all types of offences are on the rise.

“Crime and public safety will be one of the major issues at the next general election and is a top priority for councils to keep communities safe.

“With the recent rise in violent crime in London – prevalent across the capital and extensively covered in the media – there is a new focus on deterrent sentences to prevent knife possession.

“The biggest piece of advice is to be aware of your surroundings.

“Keep your valuables close and if you’re heading out late at night, It’s a good idea to plan how you will get home by checking the time of your last train, bus or tube back to your accommodation.”