A thug approached an elderly man from behind and kicked him so hard he smacked face down onto the concrete. 

Scott McAndrew, 33, of London Road in Croydon, gave no reason for the attack but police said it seemed he did it for fun. 

The attack took place in Redhill town centre on the afternoon of October 12 last year. 

McAndrew spotted the man, in his 80s, struggling outside a shop. 

The thug put his hood up to avoid being recognised then approached the victim from behind and kicked him. 

McAndrew then fled the scene leaving horrified onlookers calling for help. 

The elderly man was rushed to hospital by ambulance as he had suffered broken ribs. 

When Surrey Police put out a media release asking for the public’s help six people came forward and McAndrew handed himself in. 

On Thursday (May 9) McAndrew was jailed for three years after admitted grievous bodily harm. 

Your Local Guardian: Scott McAndrewScott McAndrew (Image: Surrey Police)

Detective Sergeant Lee Marks Said: “Having viewed the CCTV, this was a completely senseless attack. 

“Even in interview McAndrew gave no reason as to why he chose to pick on this person who was clearly much physically weaker than he was. If he did it for his own amusement, I hope he finds going to prison less funny.”