The director of a Croydon double glazing firm was given a suspended sentence after a dad-of-three was killed by a window panel. 

Kashif Rehman, 40, suffered a cardiac arrest when a number of toughened glass panels weighing up to 10kg each fell on him as he tried to retrieve one from a stack leaning against a wall. 

The incident took place My Best Group Limited’s premises on Bensham Grove in Thornton Heath on November 12, 2021, and Kashif died three days later. 

Kashif’s wife, Naila, said: “I didn’t just lose my husband, I lost my anchor, my friend and my biggest support and motivator. 

“Kashif was humble, helpful, kind, caring, intelligent and God fearing and an amazing role model to three young sons. 

“We once had a beautiful family of five, happy and content with sounds of laughter and positive moments. Now our home is filled with sadness, hollowness, emptiness and silence. 

“Before switching off the life support machine, I had to give the news to my two, four and six-year-old sons that their daddy can’t come home. 

“Those painful cries still ring in my ears and I have flashbacks to their painful tears. I always see my boys suffering even in the happiest celebrations, I see the sadness in their eyes and longingness for their dad.” 

Naila said she still gets anxiety and flashbacks to the day the incident happened. 

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found that Kashif’s death could have been prevented had the glass panes been restrained or stored in a suitable racking system to hold them in place. 

They also found My Best Group Limited, had failed to assess the risks associated with storing and handling the panes of glass. 

Company director Ayman Noor was aware of the failings but failed to implement the measures required to ensure the safety of his employees and members of the public that had access to the glass storage shed, the HSE said. 

Company direction Ayman Noor and My Best Group admitted breaching the Health of Safety at Work Act.  

On Wednesday (May 8) Noor appeared at Southwark Crown Court where he was a 20 weeks suspended custodial sentence. 

He was also ordered to pay £9,294 costs. 

My Best Group Limited was given a nominal fine of £2,200. The HSE said it would have been fined £120,000 if it were not in liquidation. 

HSE inspector Marcus Pope said: “This is yet another tragic and avoidable workplace incident that should never have happened. 

“Had My Best Group Limited implemented a suitable safe system of work for storing and handling glass Mr Rehman would still be here today. 

“These tragic circumstances should demonstrate to the glass industry the importance of safe storage and handling of glass.”