Two friends on a mission to find the UK’s best Greggs sausage roll by visiting every branch across the country have named believe you have to head to London to find it.

Tom Saady-Gardiner and Milo Fletcher are on a mission to visit every one of the 2,450 Greggs in the country to find the best sausage roll.

They post their popular reviews to their Instagram account, Greggs Pilgrimage.

And so far, it appears the best Greggs sausage roll is in London.

Milo, from Manchester, told the Sun: “The number of sausage rolls I’ve eaten over the years is definitely in four-figures, but it’s worth it to become a Greggs connoisseur.

"Tom and I have always loved a sausage roll, and we always used to get them for lunch when we were at college together.

“We joked that we should start reviewing them, but someone said there is no point because they’re all the same.

“Anyone who’s eaten more than one sausage roll knows they’re definitely not all the same – so we decided we’d prove a point.

“We keep a spreadsheet of all the outlets that we’ve visited, and the scores we’ve given, so we can keep proper league tables.”

The top scoring Greggs so far is in Westminster, which was giving a score of 8.9/10 based on taste, temperature, freshness, variety and staff friendliness.

Greggs breakfast club

Starting this week, Greggs is dedicating a whole week to The Greggs Foundation and raising funds for the work they do with Breakfast Clubs and local communities .

Last year, the chain raised enough money to fund more than 750,000 free breakfasts for school children thanks to donations from customers and fundraising across shops.

A Greggs spokesman said: "As we approach the 25-year anniversary of our first Breakfast Club opening in 1999, we’re proud to continue giving children a kick-start to their day.

"Together, we can help to open even more Breakfast Clubs and be one step closer to our goal of over 1,000 clubs feeding 70,000 children every day by 2025."