Police have reopened their investigation into allegations that a paedophile Richmond Council social worker repeatedly sexually propositioned a teenage boy who was already being abused.

We reported earlier this month that the Metropolitan Police Service had shut down its probe into allegations by Keith Hinchliffe.

Keith’s testimony last year saw a serial paedophile sent back to jail for six years.

Keith came forward after the Jimmy Savile revelations to report that Philip Saunders, 67, of Queens Road, Aylesham, had abused him for years in the 1980s, in and around Twickenham.

He even took Keith out of the council’s notorious Grafton Close children’s home, in Hounslow, where he was briefly sent, so he could continue his campaign of abuse.

Keith was described by the judge in last year’s trial as an “immensely impressive” witness who was “honest, reasonable and composed”.

However, a separate investigation into allegations Keith made about a female social worker was closed down when police said they could not trace the abuser.

“She made it very clear that she was attracted to me,” Keith told this newspaper.

He said the social worker had offered to write good reports about him if he would sleep with her.

But, he said of the Met: “I did two two-hour interviews with them and it took them a year to come back and say they weren’t taking any further action.”

He complained that his case was handed to a junior officer who, he understood, did not request staff records from the council. He said he had since heard other boys had made complaints about the same social worker.

Weeks after our interview with Keith, police have reopened the case.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Police have recently reviewed new information and are currently conducting enquiries, along with the local authority, to reinvestigate whether any criminal offences took place and whether any suspects can be identified.”

“I am pleased that the case has been reopened, but I want to see a proper investigation done for all that have come forward,” Keith said.

“No matter what the outcome, I will also keep seeking the truth.”

Richmond Council has stated that it is “unable to comment on ongoing individual claims”, although Keith has not filed any legal actions.

It said its current child protection procedures involved “rigorous checks and controls”.