Dolphins spotted swimming in the river Thames near Richmond are suspected to have died.

Zoology Society London has confirmed that the animals disappeared at Teddington Lock on Saturday (April 20) and have not been seen since.

While there is an “assumption that they may have died”, no bodies have been found within the Thames.

There have also been no more sightings of the alleged dolphins.

 Zoology Society London is continuing to monitor the water and keep a lookout for the dolphins with help from Port of London Authority and British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

If any bodies are found in “a suitable condition”, they will be recovered and examined.

Videos shared on TikTok show the dolphins swimming through the river Thames right next to Richmond.

@polishcoupleinuk Dolphins in river Thames #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - polishcoupleinuk

In one of the videos, shared by @polishcoupleinuk, geese can even be seen swimming in the background as what appear to be dolphin fins dip in and out of the river over the weekend.

The video has 660,000 views , 69,100 likes and 732 comments.

Many people in the comments were speculating that these might be porpoise.

Another commenter said that they had called an animal rescue service on this day after finding an injured fox in south west London, but were told there would be a delay as crews were on their way to rescue dolphins.

In another video with 522,700 views, shared by @myrichmond, the shape of the dolphin near the surface of the water.

@myrichmond Two dolphins spotted in Richmond by Twickenham Bridge this morning. Authorities have been informed in case they need a little help getting back on track! 🐬 #dolphin #london ♬ Magic (Instrumental) - Jon Worthy

This video has 26,600 likes and 216 comments, many of which were people concerned for the safety of the alleged dolphins being in such shallow water.

Rob Deaville, project manager of the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programmes at Zoology Society London, said: "Our understanding is that these animals disappeared at Teddington Lock last Saturday evening and haven't been seen since.

“There is an assumption that they may have unfortunately died - but to date, no bodies have been found within the Thames, nor have there been further sightings.

“We continue to monitor and keep a close eye out with help from our partners at Port of London Authority and British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

“If any bodies are found and if they are in a suitable condition, we will try to recover them for examination if possible."

The RSPCA confirmed that it was their understanding that the dolphins had “sadly passed away”.

They added that any dead cetaceans need to be reported to the CSIP (Central Strandings Investigation Programme) who try to collect the bodies for examination.

This is based at the Zoology Society London.