People have been captured on camera attempting to force the antlers off deer at Richmond Park.

The Royal Parks Police, a division of the Metropolitan Police, reported that over the past weekend, the deer were approached by these attackers who attempted to remove their antlers.

These incidents were reportedly captured on video.

The force highlighted the distress these actions cause to the deer and added that it is a criminal offence.

The British Deer Society urged the public to not approach deer closer than 50m, increasing to a 100m distance during the rutting season.

Richmond Park is renowned for being home to a population of over 630 red and fallow deer.

A spokesperson for Royal Parks Police said: “We have received reports of concerning behaviour in #RichmondPark over the weekend, where park users have been observed approaching the deer and attempting to remove their antlers.

“Video footage of these incidents has been obtained.

“We urge anyone who witnesses such behaviour to contact the police by calling 101.

“The deer cast their antlers each year and grow new ones.

“However instead of allowing their old antlers to fall off naturally, some people are taking hold of them and trying to force them off, which is distressing for the deer and also a criminal offence.”