11 uncut bricks of Homer Simpson-themed hash have been seized in Battersea.

Police stopped and arrested a suspect who was the driver of a vehicle on Battersea Park Road.

They found the 11 bricks of hash in the vehicle during a search, each with a sticker of the famous cartoon character on the front.

Hash is made from the resin of the buds of the cannabis plant, which is then compressed into a sticky brown substance and can be smoked.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class B drugs.

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Police said: “D’oh!

“Officers stopped and detained the driver of a vehicle on Battersea Park Road SW11.

“The search of the vehicle found 11 uncut bricks of hash, each brick was branded with a sticker of ‘Homer Simpson’.

“The driver was arrested for Possession with intent to supply Class B.”