A man was tortured with boiling water by a supposed friend who wanted to steal his Universal Credit money. 

Stafford Manahan, 43, of Northwood Road in Thornton Heath abused his friendship with a vulnerable man by getting him drunk then threatening to pour boiling water over him unless he told him his PIN number. 

When the victim refused, Manahan carried out the threat multiple times. 

The man, who had suffered severe burns to 55 per cent of his body, wasn’t found for three days because he was unable to walk due to his burns and Manahan had taken his phone. 

On Friday (March 25) Manahan was found guilty of guilty of grievous bodily harm and blackmail. He was then sentenced to 13 years in prison. 

‘So called friend’ 

Croydon Crown Court heard how on September 19 last year Manahan turned up at his friend’s house in Penge with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. 

Judge Charles Miskin KC said the victim lived alone in a nice little flat and had a moderate income from Universal Credit. 

But he was known to drink excessively so Manahan decided to try to take advantage of that. 

After getting him drunk Manahan said that unless he gave him his PIN, he would pour boiling water over him. 

Judge Charles Miskin KC said: “He would not provide it, so you carried out that threat. Not just once but multiple times. Each time refilling the kettle and pouring it over him.” 

Eventually the victim gave in and Manahan left with his bank card to withdraw money. 

The thug then returned the following day and made similar threats. 

The victim gave in quicker this time, telling Manahan he didn’t want to be boiled alive again. 

Manahan then left with the victim’s keys, card and phone – meaning he had no way of getting help. 

Your Local Guardian: Stafford ManahanStafford Manahan (Image: Met Police)

‘Found three days later’ 

The victim’s mum came to check on him three days later and found him in a coma-like state. 

“If it were not for her arrival, it is quite likely he would have died,” Judge Miskin said. 

He spent the next three months in hospital being treated for full thickness burns to 55 per cent of his skin. 

The victim said: “I didn’t even know where I was half the time due to the amount of drugs administered to me.” 

He required a ventilator to keep him alive and was fed through a tube for months. 

“I don’t know if and when I will make a full recovery,” he said. “I am worried about how I look and what people will think.” 

Manahan had denied both charges but after a five-day trial a jury took just over two hours to find him guilty. 

Judge Miskin sentenced Manahan to 13 years in prison, saying: “You showed absolutely not one jot of remorse for your appalling conduct.”