Long out-of-use grass tennis courts in Dartford are proposed to have a new lease of life as an off-leash dog park.

The site is located near Acacia Hall in Central Park and has not been in use for over a decade.

Dartford Council now proposes clearance of the overgrown brambles to convert it into a secure and designated pooch play, exercise, and training area.

The council plans to clear the brambles and repair fencing - with no extensive groundwork and no removal of trees.

No artificial lighting will be installed in the area.

The blueprint outlines plans for two benches, two bins specifically for dog faeces, six wooden zig-zag posts each approximately 1m, and two low level jumps, which will consist of two wooden cross beams each about 1.5m wide resting on two upright wooden posts, each about 0.25m high.

A small sign branded Central Bark will also designate the new use of the area.

The dog park will be held to the same time as Central Park’s operating hours ranging from dawn to dusk, with exact times altering with the seasons.

The maximum capacity for the site has been outlined as up to ten dogs and their owners at any given time.

No staff will be permanently stationed at the site, but the council's Park Rangers will monitor the area.

So far, representations made by locals have been positive and no issues have been raised by the Environment Agency, Highways or KCC Hertiage Archaeology.

You can make further comments on the Dartford Council Planning Portal using reference 23/01387/FUL.

The final say on the application's validation awaits a council decision.