A shocking video has captured a woman using her mobile phone on the M25 at around 60mph.

The video was shared on ‘X’ by Surrey RoadSafe, a collaborative initiative involving Surrey Police and Surrey County Council, dedicated to reducing fatalities and severe injuries on the county's roads.

The incident occurred on the M25 where a woman was recorded steering with one hand while holding a phone in the other.

Surrey RoadSafe said that the woman was driving at 60mph and when she was stopped, she said that she was using Maps on her phone.

The account wrote: “This is not a defence, if you hold your phone & the screen is illuminated you have committed the offence.”

The driver received a £200 fine and six points on her licence.

As per official government guidelines, it is against the law use a mobile phone, sat nav, tablet, or any data-transmitting device while driving or riding a motorcycle whether connected to the internet or not.

Activities such as texting, making calls, taking photos or videos, and web browsing are strictly forbidden.

The regulations apply even if you find yourself: • Stopped at traffic lights • Queuing in traffic • Supervising a learner driver • Operating a car that automatically turns off the engine when stationary • Holding or using a device in offline or flight mode There are exceptions to these rules. It is acceptable to use a handheld device if: • Making an emergency call to 999 or 112, and stopping is unsafe or impractical • Safely parked • Conducting a contactless payment while the vehicle is stationary, such as at a drive-through restaurant • Using the device for remote vehicle parking Hands-free usage of devices is allowed as long as they are not held during use.

This includes methods like a Bluetooth headset, voice command, dashboard holder or mat, windscreen mount, or a built-in sat nav.

The Government website says it is crucial that the device does not obstruct your view of the road and traffic ahead.

Surrey RoadSafe wrote on X: “Driver seen & recorded by #VanguardRST using her phone whilst driving on the M25 at approx 60mph.

“Stopped where she said she was using maps, this is not a defence, if you hold your phone & the screen is illuminated you have committed the offence.

“Issued a TOR - 6 points, £200.”