Two men have been jailed after a number of gang shootings in Wandsworth during the summer of 2022.

On Thursday, March 7, Dean Vincent, of Battersea Park Road, was jailed for nine and half years (to serve half on licence), while Reyon Vincent, of St Louis Road, was jailed for six years (to serve half on licence).

After a trial at Inner London Crown Court, on Friday, January 12, Dean Vincent, 27, was found guilty of possession of two firearms and possession with intent to supply heroin and possession of criminal property (cash).

Reyon Vincent, 28, admitted to being a drug dealer, and in 2017 had been convicted of supplying class A drugs and possession of a knife - he was found guilty of possession with intent to supply heroin.

On June 30, 2022, officers carried out a drugs warrant on Heyford Avenue in Vauxhall to known “gang member” Dean Vincent.

Only moments before, officers watched Reyon Vincent get out of a minicab with a number of bags and go into the house.

They watched Reyon return to the minicab without the bags, before following and stopping the car.

Reyon was also found to have cannabis and 123 grams of heroin concealed in his waist band.

As Reyon was detained, officers entered Dean’s address and within a communal cupboard outside his front door, found 369 grams of heroin inside the same bags that they suspected had been dropped off before.

Found in the same cupboard, was a large brown Primark bag containing clothes, where police found a handgun and a revolver under the top layer of clothes - both of these were loaded.

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Officers also uncovered around £2,000 worth of cannabis, a large hunting knife and zombie knife and counterfeit cash.

Officers searched the area behind the kitchen kickboards with Dean Vincent’s address and found thirteen rounds of 9mm ammunition and four large blocks of heroin weighing 399 grams.

On the day, Reyon was arrested, charged, and initially remanded in custody but Dean was not at the address and was found by police at an address in Iver on August 11, 2022.

On him, he had his passport and £9,000 in cash.

The men are not related.

Detective Chief Inspector Lewis Sanderson said: “This is just one example of the work that officers do every day to remove dangerous people and weapons from London’s streets.

“Our operation helped to reduce the violence that was taking place in the area, and took dedication and tenacity to bring before the courts.

“It is satisfying to know that two people intent on causing harm to our communities, are no longer able to operate.

“We have specialist teams in the Met doing this work 365 days a year. If you are a drug dealer, or handling weapons, be aware that you may not be as invisible as you think.”