A knife fanatic has been jailed after he threatened a man with a 20-inch blade on a south London train. 

When 21-year-old Kel Thompson was arrested at his home on Lodge Lane in New Addington officers found a second weapon - a huge sword with a curved serrated blade. 

On Thursday (March 7) Thompson was jailed for two years and eight months by a judge at Inner London Crown Court. 

Prosecutor Claire Langevad told the court that on May 3 last year a young man boarded a train from West Croydon to Victoria in the early afternoon. 

Thompson got on the train at Thornton Heath with his hood up and a blue facemask on. 

He sat next to the victim and asked: “What ends are you from?” 

The victim replied: “I’m not your problem, guy.” 

When Thompson continued to try to intimidate him, the victim punched Thompson. 

Thompson then pulled out a huge knife and told the victim to hand over his Louis Vuitton bag, his phone and his headphones. 

He then warned the victim: “You better not say anything, I know your face.” 

Thompson was arrested at his home the following month and police discovered the second weapon. 

Ms Langevad told the court that Thompson has five previous convictions including a robbery with a rambo knife in 2020, a violent robbery where he broke someone’s nose in 2021 and being caught by police with a 15-inch knife in 2022. 

Defending Thompson, barrister Iwone Boesche told the court that her client had an awful upbringing. 

His dad had been in prison most of his life and his mum was deported to Jamaica after she was also sent to prison. 

Ms Boesche said social services had done little to fill that gap and Thompson had been raised single-handedly by his older sister.   

Thompson has spent a lot of time in prison himself. During his time at HMP Belmarsh another inmate had found his sister’s number and tried to extort £500 from her. 

When she refused, the inmate poured boiling water mixed with sugar on Thompson leaving him with lifelong scars. 

Ms Boesche said that Thompson is now determined to turn his back on offending. 

“Now at 21 he really wants to start a new life, a life without crime,” she said. 

Your Local Guardian: Kel ThompsonKel Thompson (Image: BTP)

Judge Darling said Thompson had undoubtedly had a “truly woeful upbringing”. 

He sentenced him to two years and eight months in custody. 

Judge Darling urged Thompson to make the most out of the support he receives from probation when he leaves prison. 

“Although it might not seem like it, I’m giving you a chance because life has not been kind to you so far. You will not get this chance again,” he said.