A German Doner Kebab restaurant is set to open in Epsom next month.

The chain, popularly known as GDK, will be opening a new establishment on Epsom High Street in March, with an official date to be released soon.

This Epsom debut follows a string of launches in different parts of the UK and is the brand's 137th restaurant in the UK.

GDK aims to deliver fresh, high-quality kebabs across each of its restaurant locations.

The brand says it strictly uses premium cuts of meat, handmade Turkish-style bread featuring GDK's characteristic waffle pattern, fresh locally sourced vegetables, and signature sauces made daily at each restaurant.

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Orders are prepped in open kitchens, providing customers with a first-hand view of the cooking process.

Simon Wallis, GDK CEO, said: "I am thrilled to officially announce plans to bring the unique GDK taste sensation to Epsom High Street.

"GDK is revolutionising kebabs across the UK and I am confident we will continue this trend in Surrey."

Mr Wallis added: "GDK offers a premium dining experience with game-changing kebabs that are made fresh daily by our hard-working team powered by our fantastic franchise partners.

"We pride ourselves in ensuring that kebabs are done right and served in a modern and relaxed environment, making it a unique restaurant experience for all new members of the ever-growing GDK community."

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The new Epsom GDK restaurant, set to be located at 60 High Street, will provide takeaway services to individuals on the move.

The services will be made available via Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat.

Since its establishment, GDK has been offering a unique blend of modern and traditional Middle Eastern street food.

The brand, originating from Glasgow, has rapidly expanded to include more than 150 restaurants in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

GDK is now expanding into the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Ireland.