A man from Croydon who had been released from prison on license has been jailed for ten years after officers found a variety of guns at his home.

On January 30, Christopher Mckenzie, 37, was sentenced following serious charges of firearms and drug possession.

At his home police found two handguns, (a Zoraki 914 handgun and a Colt .25 self-loading pistol), alongside two magazines, two rounds of ammunition, ballistic body armour and Class A drugs.

The illegal items were discovered in a bag he was carrying as officers confronted him at his door.

Sentencing took place at Croydon Crown Court where he admitted to numerous offences leading to McKenzie receiving an additional five years on licence, on top of his ten-year sentence.

Police explained that he had previously been jailed after he told firearms to undercover police officers.

Officers also found messages on his phone where he said that he was “sleeping with a gun at his bedside table”.

Mckenzie of Pawsons Road, Croydon, pleaded guilty to possession of two firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life, possession of firearms when a prohibited person and possession with intent to supply 4.75 grams of heroin.

Detective Chief Inspector Lewis Sanderson, said: “Despite being out on licence at the time of his arrest last year - after being jailed in 2012 for selling firearms to undercover police officers - McKenzie had still not learnt his lesson.

“He had even incriminated himself by sending messages on his phone stating that he was ‘sleeping with a gun in his bedside table’.

“We are totally dedicated to keeping people safe from weapons and drugs, and we do our jobs so we can ensure that criminals such as McKenzie are stopped.

“It is very satisfying to know that he will not be able to cause harm to anyone, now he is once again behind bars.”