Residents are not convinced by plans for a new McDonald's in Wallington High street - with some even calling it a "terrible idea".

The proposed site for the fast-food giant is the former Barclays bank in Woodcote Road, which has been vacant since June of the previous year.

A recent planning application over the Christmas period brought mixed reactions on Facebook.

One Wallington resident, Tony Monblat, succinctly labelled the proposed development a "terrible idea".

Another reader said: "Terrible.

"Who wants another takeaway?

"The building is beautiful and should just be refurbished.

"But not into a Macdonalds!"

Some residents expressed fear that the plans for the new fast-food outlet, which had dozens of official objections, would increase anti-social behaviour in the area.

Wallington has already had its own experience of violence on the streets after a non-fatal stabbing on Christmas Eve in Wallington's high street.

Brigitte Harvey commented: "All it will do is cause more trouble on the high street.

"Youngsters will be hanging around outside like they do in Sutton and Croydon.

"It will bring the area down.

"We don’t want it."

Your Local Guardian: The new McDonald's would replace the old Barclays bank in Wallington High Street The new McDonald's would replace the old Barclays bank in Wallington High Street

Another concern brought up by many on social media was the impact of losing the ATM that currently stands on the site of the old bank, should the plans become a reality.

There was a divide in opinion, however, with some readers suggesting it would bring local jobs and boost the economy in the area.

Other Wallington residents simply wanted to "save the building", whatever opens there - and some had more ambitious plans for the site.

One reader, Fabio Calia, said on Facebook: "A nice herbal tea shop would be fine where you can enjoy the best teas and coffee with biscuits of all kinds.

"With relaxing music inside where you can enjoy everything alone or in company."

While many have already written their objections to the proposal, the decision will be made in the coming month's planning committee meeting.

Despite divided opinions, the collective desire for something "better" for Wallington high street underlines many of these comments.