Giggling Squid’s 2024 menu packs a real spicy punch with all the favourites from the former menu whilst featuring some great new additions.

The restaurant’s interior in Wimbledon Village boasted a floral aesthetic, reminiscent of a vibrant garden.

The staff, though visibly busy, were very friendly and warm, creating an inviting ambience that resonated throughout the restaurant.

The lively chatter and laughter from other diners added to the sociable feel, making it clear that Giggling Squid was a place where people came not just for the food, but for a good time and a catch-up with family or friends.

Your Local Guardian: Cocktail at Giggling SquidCocktail at Giggling Squid (Image: Amy C)

We began meal with a shared starter platter - a very nicely presented selection of seafood and meats.

The marinated skewers, a medley of pork, chicken, squid, and butterfly prawns, were served with a satay and a zesty Thai herb dipping sauce.

For the mains, my partner opted for the spicy double curry sea bass, an explosion of flavours with overtones of green and yellow curry paste, chillies, and coconut milk.

It was a proper hearty Thai curry, delivering a spicy punch that truly awakened the senses.

On my end, the Thai melting beef stole the show - tender beef in a rich curry sauce accompanied by fresh green beans and cabbage.

The beef practically melted on my fork, its tenderness and flavourful richness making it a standout dish.

We complemented our mains with a side of mixed mushrooms and greens, embellished with sesame seeds, crispy tofu, and cucumber lime and coriander.

The dish provided a refreshing contrast to the spiciness of the sea bass.

Your Local Guardian: The Melting Heart chocolate dessert and the Mini Caramel SouffleThe Melting Heart chocolate dessert and the Mini Caramel Souffle (Image: Amy C)

The drinks menu offered a lively selection, and as I was not adhering to Dry January, I indulged in two cocktails.

My partner, on the other hand, enjoyed a Trip CBD drink, a welcome non-alcoholic alternative.

Desserts were a sweet conclusion to our meal - the Melting Heart chocolate dessert and the Mini Caramel Souffle, each a celebration for chocolate lovers.

We also had a nice cup of tea to let the large portions settle in our stomach.

The combination of friendly staff, a lively atmosphere, and a menu that blends traditional menu favourites with exciting new additions in 2024 made it a brilliant venue for any Thai food enthusiasts.