Four state primary schools in the London borough of Sutton are outstanding, according to Ofsted

This select group of schools comes from the borough’s pool of 34 primary schools. Ofsted, the school performance watchdog, irregularly inspects schools across the country.

Inspectors look at the quality of education, behaviour, and attitudes of pupils at a school to give a ranking. 

Ofsted has four grades to explain a school’s performance following a visit. They rank from outstanding – the best mark – to good, requires improvement, and inadequate. 

With the primary school application approaching on January 15, we have compiled a list of the eight primary state schools to get an Outstanding rating in Sutton, according to Ofsted reports:

St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

Last inspection: November 2011

While this school is not particularly close to a nearby station, it is well served by buses running between Morden and Epsom. As the only ‘outstanding’ catholic school in Sutton, St Celilias is unsurprisingly popular.

Parents praise the school’s warm environment and supportive teachers. In the last inspection, one parent noted: “My children are happy and secure and see the school as an extension of their family.

No one is overlooked, and the quality of care is second to none. The result is a happy and harmonious environment in which pupils feel confident and thrive in their learning.”

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Last inspection: September 2023

This primary school nestled atop hilly Carshalton Beeches is only ten minutes walk away from the station of the same name.

Barrow Hedges is an academy school that regularly achieves outstanding results across all year groups.

On their recent inspection, Ofsted said: “Pupils study a rich and interesting curriculum. They produce work of high quality in different subjects. Pupils embody the school values of kindness, inclusion, honesty, respect, and ambition. As a result, pupils are very well prepared for the next stage of their education.”

Cheam Park Primary Academy

Last inspection: July 2019

Despite the name, this academy primary school is closer to the neighborhood of West Sutton and its train station. Cheam Park Primary has improved since becoming an academy and has a high level of attainment across all years.

The school also boasts a strong PE department and prides itself on the range of opportunities available to students. According to Ofsted,  SEND students also do well because "care is taken to plan work that meets their individual needs."

Concerning teaching more generally, Ofsted noted: “The curriculum at Cheam Park Farm is very well planned, with pupils’ enjoyment of their work kept at its core. Each term, pupils work from a practical start to a topic to ‘whet their appetite’.”

Victor Seymour Infants School

Last inspection: September 2019

This popular primary school in the heart of historic Carshalton Village is highly sought after by parents, who praise the school’s quality and connectivity.

The school, which was upgraded from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ on its last inspection, has also been praised for how safe students feel.

Inspectors said: “The pupils we spoke with feel safe. They understand how teachers sort out poor behaviour and say this happens in a way that does not interrupt their learning. Pupils do not see bullying as a problem in school but they do understand what it is.”

Ofsted also praised the variety of activities students can partake in whilst at school.

Inspectors said: “Pupils really enjoy the wide range of activities available after school, such as the pottery club. These clubs are open to and popular with all. Pupils remember how visits to interesting places have helped them understand more about the subjects they learn.”