Dinosaurs are set to storm Croydon in a show where guests can learn all about their history, get up close and personal and even feed the prehistoric beasts.

RED Entertainment’s family-friendly Dinosaur Adventure Live is touring the UK once more, boasting three new dinosaur species and a new storyline to thrill audiences.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2024, the Croydon’s Ashcroft Theatre will come alive with prehistoric wonders at 2pm and 4.30pm.

Audiences are promised an "awe-inspiring, wild family adventure" that takes them on an interactive journey through the Jurassic era.

The all-new adventure is written by Mike Newman, known for his work on Exciting Science.

He introduces a new story set on Dinosaur Island, where an active volcano poses danger to all dwellers, including the dinosaurs.

The cast of characters includes dinosaur-expert rangers, a quirky scientist, and of course, lifelike dinosaurs – ranging from “a roaring raptor, two adorable baby dinosaurs, an astounding apatosaurus, a spectacular spinosaurus, a p-terriffic pterodactyl & of course a terrifying T-Rex”.

There are both educational and comedic elements throughout promising an entertaining and informative experience.

Audiences can expect the thrill of meeting lifelike dinosaurs up close, feeling the thunderous roar of a T-Rex, and learning about their history.

You can even “feed” the dinos, but “beware - you might end up on the menu."

Dinosaur Adventure Live offers a captivating and educational one-hour experience without an interval and includes a meet and greet post-show.

The show is highly recommended for children five-years-old and above.

Ticket prices start at £21 and this prehistoric adventure can be booked online.