Two flood warnings have been issued for the River Thames area near Hampton Court, with warnings of property flooding following a week of heavy rain.

The Environment Agency has issued two flood warnings, advising people living within the area to ”Act Now” as property flooding is expected.

This is due to rising river levels on the River Thames following “substantial rain” this week, which has led to the risk of flooding of properties and roads.

The Environment Agency has warned that despite no rain forecast for the new few days, river levels are expected to rise over the coming days as water moves through the system.

Where are the flood warnings?

A flood warning has been issued for the River Thames area at East and West Molesey lying just over a mile from Hampton Court.

The warning covers the River Thames at East and West Molesey, including Hurst Park, Buckingham Avenue, and the Royal Mews area.

A second flood warning has been issued for the River Thames area at Thames Ditton Island.

The warning covers the River Thames at Thames Ditton Island, including Boyle Farm Island.

This follows on from heavy rainfall earlier this week following Storm Henk, which brought heavy rainfall to large parts of the UK on Wednesday (January 3).

A yellow weather warning was issued on Thursday for large parts of south England for rain in the aftermath of the storm.

A statement on the Environment Agency website read: “Our staff are liaising with councils and emergency services.”

What to do?

In the event of a flood warning, flooding is expected within the areas under the warning.

The Environment Agency advises people within affected areas to move vehicles to higher ground if safe to do so, and to move family and pets to safety.

Gas, electricity and water supplies should also be turned off, only if safe to do so.

In the event of flooding, electrical switches should not be touched if the person is standing in water.

Any important items such as valuables, furniture or furnishings should be moved upstairs to avoid damage.

The Environment Agency has also advised people within flood warning areas to use property protection such as flood barriers or air brick covers, and to also regularly check the Environment Agency for further updates.