This is the shocking video of a black car crushed by a huge tree during Storm Henk in Sutton.

The footage, shared with Your Local Guardian, shows the car left destroyed in Benhill Wood Road at around 3pm yesterday (January 2).

It comes as an amber weather warning for strong wind was issued across south London by the Met Office.

The 17-second clip shows the toppled tree crushed over a wall where it then flattens the car on the road.

Shocked onlookers can also be seen in the video as they watch the aftermath of the incident.

The footage was also shared on a public Facebook group, which is captioned: “Big tree fall over car. Thank God no one was injured.”

Some have commented on the video sharing their concern for anyone caught up in the “terrifying” incident.

One commented: “Used to live there. Thank God no one was hurt. Terrifying.”

Another person said: “Oh my goodness, thank God everyone is safe. What terrible destruction in Sutton.”

The weather warning was in place from 10am until 8pm yesterday.

The windy weather was accompanied by outbreaks of heavy rain, which may have affected visibility on the roads.