The London's Transport Museum is opening up ticket sales for their exclusive Hidden London tours.

The tours allow a select few visitors to explore the secret and ‘forgotten’ locations of the capital that have been a part of history.

Not only do visitors get to see the secret side of London, but the tour is the only one in the city that grants grant access to locations on the Underground network which are typically closed to the public.

The tours by London's Transport Museum will run from January to March and include tours of the original 19th-century passageways and features at Shepherd’s Bush.

Plus visitors on the tour can see the original 19th-century passageways and features at Shepherd’s Bush and the labyrinth of underground passages hidden deep beneath Clapham South built to shelter Londoners during the Second World War. 

Other tours include the chance to see the disused parts of Piccadilly Circus Underground station and lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly Circus.

The tours are all written by historical experts from the London Transport Museum and based on content drawn from the Museum’s extensive archive and collection.

London Transport Museum hosting Hidden London tours- How to get tickets 

You can buy tickets from November 8 via the website

Piccadilly Circus: The Heart of London- Visitors can see behind secret doors with sites of deserted passageways, original Edwardian design features and lift shafts.

Charing Cross: Access all areas- Ticket holders will get the chance to walk under Trafalgar Square and explore exclusive areas of Charing Cross station that are not accessible to the public.

Baker Street: The World's First Underground- Explore the oldest underground railway stations in the world and see the closed-off areas including original platforms.

Euston: The Lost Tunnels- Guests can discover a labyrinth of dark and dusty passageways once used by the travelling public and the gallery of preserved vintage advertising poster fragments that have been concealed for over 50 years.

Your Local Guardian: See What's on.See What's on. (Image: Newsquest)

Shepherd's Bush: Suburds to the City- Transport fans can learn how the station has transformed over the years since its opening in 1900 and see original Central line design features that remain frozen in time.  

Aldwych: The End of the Line-  The Aldwych station opened in 1907, in 1994 it was shut down, now visitors can explore the original ticket hall and lifts and discover abandoned platforms and interconnecting walkways. 

Tickets start at £44 for adults of £39 for concession prices.

Dates for tours will be held across January and March, and you can find out more information via the website.