A fine-dining restaurant in south west London has won an award at the Turkish Restaurant and Takeaway Awards.

The Mantl, located on 142 Brompton Road, has been awarded the best fine-dining restaurant in the UK.

The Turkish Restaurant and Takeaway Awards (TURTA) celebrates the rich and cultural heritage of Turkey and the influence it has on British food.

The second annual award ceremony was held in London on Sunday, November 5 at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel.

TURTA awards encourage and inspire excellence in the culinary industry by promoting high-quality ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and innovative techniques.

This year, finalists had competed in 17 different categories, and six London locations went on to be winners, including The Mantl.

Other London winners include

• Best Turkish Cafe / Restaurant in London - Fast Break Kozzy Cafe - London

• Best Takeaway in London - Olives and Meze - London

• Best Takeaway in Regional - Master Kebab - London

• Best Designed Restaurant in London - Ruya Restaurant - London

• Best Value Restaurant - Fez Mangal Mayfair 

London Solicitor Ozan Aşkın, one of the members of the judging panel, has said about the TURTA: “The United Kingdom, known for its diverse and cosmopolitan culinary scene, has warmly welcomed the enticing and aromatic offerings of Turkish cuisine.

. Owner of the Fast Break Kozzy Cafe, Best Turkish Cafe / Restaurant in London awarded, Ender Güvenç said: “TURTA is a great opportunity to spread and grow our food culture around the country.

“These kinds of organizations expand our horizons and push us to improve as food culture ambassadors.

Lord Bilimoria, the founder of Cobra Beer and one of the main sponsors of TURTA, said: “We are delighted to be part of TURTA.

“TURTA is not just a competition.

“It is an important engagement platform for food professionals. As sponsors this year, we are thrilled to gather with the UK's best Turkish restaurants and takeaways.”