Two teenagers, both 15 years old, have faced charges at the Old Bailey in connection with a targeted fatal stabbing involving a "zombie" knife.

The incident occurred as Keelen Morris Wong, 22, was exiting a Domino's Pizza and engaged in conversation with a woman through a car window.

It is alleged that a man and two individuals with their faces concealed singled out Mr Wong.

The group rapidly approached him, with the man at the forefront revealing a lengthy, slender "zombie" knife, purportedly using it to injure Mr. Wong in the abdomen.

The victim was said to have had no chance to react and was lifted off his feet by the force of the single stab.

The prosecution alleged that all three masked individuals were working together in a “planned attack” on Mr Wong on the afternoon of October 3.

The blade, said to be around 2ft long, remained in the victim’s body as they fled the scene in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, south London.

Mr Wong had suffered a deep wound of at least 26cm and was declared dead at the scene, the police having been alerted at 4.44pm. The cause of death was sharp force trauma.

The alleged stabber, Kyiza Sandiford, 23, of Merton, south London, was arrested on October 3 and charged with murder and possession of an offensive weapon.

The two juvenile defendants who were alleged to have worked in concert with Sandiford were also charged with murder.

The pair wore Covid-style blue face masks and matching grey tracksuits when they appeared for a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey by video link from the Feltham young offender institution on Friday.

Judge Mark Dennis KC set a plea hearing for January 5 and a provisional trial for all three defendants from September 2 next year.

Remanding the two teenagers into custody, the judge said the allegation against them concerned “unlawful violence in a public place in the afternoon in an unprovoked targeted knife attack”.