Croydon Council has confirmed that Regina Road flats are to be demolished and rebuilt after residents voted overwhelmingly for their clearance.

The fate of the now notorious South Norwood flats have become an ongoing issue for the past two administrations. 

The high-rise flats gained national attention in 2021, following a highly publicised ITV report into the squalid conditions residents were living in.

Rampant damp and mould as well as negligent repairs from Croydon’s former repairs contractor Axis were just some of the complaints made by residents.

When the Local Democracy Reporting Service spoke to long-time Regina Road resident Kingomzila Ludiambele earlier this year, she said: “These buildings aren’t good any more, they have to demolish them and build new ones.

"They asked us to choose whether to come back, but if the place I go to is fine I would stay there. Many flats are empty now because of the problems. It was terrible.”

At a cabinet meeting last Wednesday, Mayor Jason Perry admitted: “We will all remember the shame bought on Croydon when the horrendous conditions at Regina road were highlighted on ITV news.”

In response, Croydon councillors confirmed they will listen to the overwhelming 88.1 per cent of residents who voted in favour of the building’s renewal.

The council agreed on a new direct delivery model for the project that outlined their intention for the demolition of the three high-rise flat complexes.

Subject to planning, the plans also call for replacing the 191 council flats with up to 450 homes, at least 200 of which would be council-owned.

The council laid out their plan to regenerate the flats in two phases.

According to the council: “Phase one would see an estimated 86 new council homes built on the north side of Regina Road, on the site of the 1-87 tower block and adjacent homes, plus an estimated eight new homes to be built at nearby Malton House.

"Phase two would create an estimated 139 new council homes and a replacement nursery and community centre – with the details to be reviewed by cabinet next year.“

Despite this, it is not yet confirmed where current residents will be housed in the intermediary period.

Croydon Council have confirmed they are working with residents to discuss the proposal and find them accommodation, but so far no details have been forthcoming. 

The authority has said the start date for demolition could be ‘as early as Spring 2024.’

However, it has been confirmed the red-cladded building which featured on the ITV exposé will be first in line. 

The council are in the process of finding a developer partner to begin the process, with the redevelopment’s funding coming from their capital revenue. 

Mayor of Croydon, Jason Perry said: “I’m committed to improving standards in council homes and putting residents at the heart of decisions about housing services.

"We are listening to Regina Road residents at every stage of this process, and we thank everyone who has given their views on the emerging designs.

"The project is progressing at pace, and we look forward to reaching further milestones in the new year as we invest in new council housing.”