In the wake of an unimaginable tragedy that has shaken Croydon’s community to its core, we offer this online book where people can pay respects and offer heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of Elianne Andam.

Elianne's life was tragically cut short on her way to Old Palace of John Whitgift School when she was fatally stabbed in a senseless act of violence.

On Wednesday (September 27) at 8.30am police were called to the scene of an attack at Wellesley Road in Croydon, outside the Whitgift Centre where 15-year-old Elianne had been stabbed.

Elianne died at the scene.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested in New Addington 75 minutes after the stabbing and was later charged by police.

He has been charged with murder and is due to appear at the Old Bailey on October 3.

Elianne has been described by her family has the “light of our lives”.

They said she was “bright and funny” and “had her whole life ahead of her”.

She was the 15th teenage victim of homicide in London so far this year.

A statement read out by a church leader on behalf of the family said: “We as a family are struggling to comprehend this painful tragedy that has happened to our beautiful daughter and beloved sister Elianne. Our hearts are broken.”

“Elianne was a beautiful person inside and out who loved Jesus. She was intelligent, thoughtful, kind and had a bright future ahead. It is our request that you keep our cherished daughter Elianne and our family, in your thoughts and prayers.”

On Thursday, her family said in a statement through police: “Our hearts are broken by the senseless death of our daughter.

“Elianne was the light of our lives.

“She was bright and funny, with many friends who all adored her.

“She was only 15, and had her whole life ahead of her, with hopes and dreams for the future.

“All those dreams have now been shattered.

“Our lives have fallen apart, along with that of our wider family.

“We ask the media to please respect our privacy as we try to grieve the short life of our beautiful child.”

Dozens of bunches of flowers have been left at the scene of the teenager’s death amid widespread shock at the tragedy.

Police officers who were among the first at the scene and battled to try to save Elianne appeared visibly moved as they laid flowers on Thursday.

Among the floral tributes, cards and candles, one message read: “Rest in peace little princess so sad your life is taken away at your prime. You have touched my soul.”

You can leave your messages of condolences below along with any pictures that you would like to include.

Community answers

Book of condolences for Elianne Andam

"In the wake of an unimaginable tragedy that has shaken Croydon’s community to its core, we offer this online book where people can pay respects and offer heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of Elianne Andam. You can leave your messages of condolences here along with any pictures that you would like to include."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

From Agnieszka Gronska

Write your message below"Grief is the price we pay for love." Agnieszka with son Amaru

From Lisa owen

Write your message belowUnbelievably, sad. My heart goes out to her family

From Tony walker

Write your message belowi don't know you but your life has been taken from this world ' I know that you are at peace now. Love angel & may god watching & look after you now. Rip 🖤🖤🖤.

From Community contributor

Write your message belowThinking of you sending love, hugs and prayers. God I pray these streets will be safer for all of us. Rest in perfect peace sweet angel Elianne. You will always be loved and remembered

From Community contributor

Write your message belowNo words can express the sadness, shock and horror of Elianne being taken away by sin. She is now safe in the arms of our Saviour Jesus Christ. May your family and friends be comforted that Almighty God will be your refuge and comfort in the days, weeks and years to come. May your beautiful gift from God , Elianne rest in eternal peace.

From Mercy Tagiage

Write your message belowOur thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. May our almighty God comfort you and your family.

From Karen Roberts

Write your message belowRest in peace beautiful angel. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family ❤️

From Philomena

Write your message belowMy heart goes out to the family & friends of Elianne a life cruelly cut short. So sorry couldn’t attend the vigil due to my health but I hope your beautiful Angel Rests in Eternal peace A beautiful light has gone out in Croydon

From Community contributor

Write your message belowSo sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl,taken from this world so unexpectedly,may she rest in peace,sending love and support to her family and prayers,I gave three girls myself and live in Croydon,it could have been any of my girls - may her family find comfort knowing we are all thinking of them,and sending our support -no words can describe this tragic loss of the life of Elianne,sending love and prayers

From Romina Isabel

Write your message belowI have been thinking about you a lot for a week and asking God for your family. I am a mother and I am extremely moved. I would like to hug your mother and give her a little strength. You have left us very sad. I am so sorry.

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From Ashleigh Bradshaw

Write your message belowMy heart goes out to your family and friends at this very tragic and sad time 😔 keep shining Elianne ✨ my thought are also with the people of Croydon! We have got to stand together to protect our children. An innocent girl going to school like all of our children do every single day! This has got to Stop 😔😢 rest in perfect peace Angel

From Community contributor

Write your message belowElianne, I will never know you or your family but you have touched my heart forever. I work in a building opposite and what started out a normal day quickly turned into anything but. A day I will never forget. To witness the aftermath of such a horrible tragedy remains indescribably painful. My thoughts are with your family and loved ones and hope you are flying high and can rest knowing how many people's lives your beautiful smile has touched. Rest in eternal peace x

From Emma

Write your message belowMy heartfelt condolences to your family, such a senseless murder. Flying high beautiful girl and watch over your family whilst the struggle to understand why you had to leave so young.

From Arlene A

Write your message belowMy condolences truly. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

From Deborah

Write your message belowNo words can explain the sadness and heartache we are all feeling. Rest in peace beautiful x sending love, strength and hope to all eliannes family and friends X x x

From shy Myers

Write your message belowMy heartfelt condolences to the family on the awful lost of their beloved daughter,sister,niece,granddaughter,cousin etc my tears and sorrow are deeply sent to each and everyone whose been left devastated by this shine bright Elianne and please God bless this family with all the strength and comfort in Jesus's name amen 🙏

From Natalie Smith

Write your message belowDearest Elianne - I'm so sorry. Rest peacefully, you were loved. To Elianne's family & friends - our thoughts are with you. We wish you lots of love and strength now & going forward. xxxx

From Allen Aloysius Reilly

Write your message belowWhat a waste of a beautiful young lady, for what, infatuation. A beautiful life gonna. My condolences to the family from a total stranger, I have no words of comfort A Coulsdon Boy Allen

From Annette B

Write your message belowMy deepest condolences to Elianne family and I imagine what you are going through or feeling at the moment. I was in a state of shock when I heard the news that a young beautiful girl was killed in such a senseless way. I hope your Soul May Rest in Perfect peace and your family will pain of losing you will ease in time to come. RIP my darling ❤️❤️🌹🌺xx

From Sue Soper

Write your message belowMy heart goes out to Elianne's family. She sounds like a vibrant, loving and funny young lady.. May all who knew and love her find peace.

From Community contributor

Write your message belowA beautiful young woman taken before she realises her dream of being a lawyer; may she rest in peace in the LORD's loving arms. May the LORD comfort he family in their grief at this time.

From Mimoza T

Write your message belowMay she be amongst angels and hope God will give her family strength to cope with this huge loss. You will be in my prayers all along

From Leyla Ali

Write your message belowA mother myself…my heart hurts. I pray for you all. I pray for every child growing up in and around Croydon. The knives must be put down. A senseless killing of a beautiful and innocent child. May your beautiful Elianne dance in the sky & sing sweetly in the Angels choir. No parents should ever have to go through this pain. I pray for you all to find strength. Love to you all x Leyla (Adjwoa’s school mum friend)