Residents have been left baffled after witnessing "creepy" lights circle above their homes for hours last night.

Barbara Goatham, 51, of Colborne Way, North Cheam, was first alerted to the odd lights hovering above her house by her husband and son.

"My son and husband came in from the pub at 11.30pm and told me to have a look," she said. "My son's a bit of a drama queen but my husband is very straight down the line so I went to have a look.

"There were three or four green orbs. It was like the Northen Lights but with precision. They would move together and converge and were individuals because they were moving themselves.

"It was awe inspiring - my mouth was hanging open. My first thought was that it was a Northen Lights phenomenon but the movements were so precise.

"They were very creepy and there wasn't a sound. I got the creeps and came back in and shut the curtains.

"I'm not a drinker, it was definitely there," she added.

Hundreds of residents were left puzzled last summer when Chinese lanterns were released in West Ewell at a wedding reception. The wind carried the orange glowing lights for miles, with some travelling as far as Worcester Park and Epsom.

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