Fan speculation that Mortlake's Catherine Tate could become the first female Doctor has been proved wrong following tonight's Doctor Who series finale.

Last week's cliff-hanger, which saw David Tennant start to regenerate after being blasted by a Dalek, led to theories that Tate might take over the Scottish actor's role.

Secrecy surrounded the thirteenth episode - with the BBC refusing to issue preview tapes - leaving fans to guess at the outcome.

As well as Tate taking over the role of the Doctor some fans suggested that Robert Carlyle, Jason Statham or Alan Davies could have replaced Tennant.

But tonight's episode saw Tennant remain as the Doctor, a clone being created, and Tate's character, Donna Noble, becoming a human/Time Lord hybrid.

Sadly for the Chiswick temp, being a Time Lord proved to much for Donna and the Doctor was forced to wipe her memory leaving it unlikely the actor and comedian would be reprising her role in the future.

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