I recently had the pleasure of going to Chessington World of Adventures, and I can confidently say that no matter how old you are it never gets boring.

It was so amazing that I ended up going twice this summer, and both times were brilliant and worth it.

From the second I passed the security check, I felt as though I was truly in a different world, one that’s packed with adventure.

Chessington has introduced virtual queuing for its new ride – Mandrill Mayhem – and that is, by far, one of the greatest things they’ve done.

You’re able to queue for other rides before getting on Mandrill Mayhem.

Although there were some fears (mainly because there’s a gap) in the rollercoaster, it’s an exhilarating ride that zooms and goes backwards too.

However, the collective favourite with me and my friends was definitely Dragon’s Fury.

My friend Sophia Vinci said that her favourite ride was Dragon’s Fury solely for the thrill of hearing a certain someone chant the national anthem at the top of his lungs for the whole duration of it.

My other friend Lily Holland, who is so much braver, agreed.

She said her favourite ride was, by far, Dragon’s Fury. 

The queue was one hour long and for an amazing ride was definitely worth it.

Lily also said the other rides that she went on are thrilling as well, such as Tiger Rock, Vampire, Croc Drop, and Rattlesnake.

The days at Chessington were amazing. While Sophia and I don’t agree with Lily about Croc Drop in any way (for it is anti-climactic in our opinions), the Chessington experience is one to remember.

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And the people you go with will make the day even more adventurous.

My favourite ride overall is Tiger Rock.

The build-up from what seems like a relaxing flow along the river ends in a massive splash that has you laughing, beaming, and screaming throughout, or, in my case, singing the national anthem.

The queues can sometimes be very long, tiring, and boring.

But the rides are always worth the wait (unless it’s Croc Drop!)

Overall, Chessington World of Adventures truly lives up to its name and you’ll find yourself walking out of that park feeling incredible after having an awesome seven-hour adventure.

I recommend for all adventurers of all ages!

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