A paedophile who was imprisoned after being caught with child abuse images described prison life as a “shock”. 

Mohammad Khan, a 46-year-old dad of two, has been in custody since March when he was arrested after he was caught with child sexual abuse images for a third time. 

A man who lived a relatively normal life working in the financial sector until his first conviction in 2016, Khan has said prison has been a “significant shock” which he was struggled to adjust to. 

Khan, of Lucerne Road in Thornton Heath, appeared at the Old Bailey on Thursday (August 28) for sentencing. Prosecutor Obi Mgbokwere described the facts of the case. 

“On January 23, 2023, police became aware of a user of a Google Drive,” Mr Mgbokwere said. 

“That user had uploaded 387 indecent images of children. Enquiries revealed that the account belonged to this defendant. 

“The defendant was a registered sex offender who was prohibited by a Sexual Harm Prevention Order from using such equipment and facilities.” 

Khan was arrested near his ex-partner's address in Wandsworth. Officers found a laptop and an iPhone at that address as well as a laptop hidden under his pillow at his mum’s house, Mr Mgbokwere said. 

“The items recovered from the defendant were interogatted, on a Dell laptop police found the images,” he said. 

Khan admitted 11 breaches of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and to possessing over 1,000 indecent images of children. 

He was first convicted of similar offences in 2016, for which he was given a community order and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. 

Then in 2017 he was given a suspended sentence for new but identical offences. 

Despite his previous offending, this was the first time he had been in prison and his barrister said he was not enjoying it. 

His representative added that Khan felt deep shame at being in court again for these offences. 

Sentencing Khan, Judge Simon Farrell KC said: “These are such shocking images. They are truly horrific. 

“Taking all matters into account, a custodial sentence is the only possible outcome.” 

Khan was given a 19-month prison sentence, and a new Sexual Harm Prevention Order to last 10 years.