The GP Patient Survey has revealed how doctor’s surgeries in Sutton were rated for 2023.

Patients have had their say on the service their GP provides in an annual survey carried out by the NHS.

The survey includes categories such as how easy it is to get an appointment, whether appointments are in person, and how helpful the receptionists are.

We’ve searched through the results of the 36 GP surgeries in Sutton to find the best and worst rated surgeries for overall experience.

The most highly rated GP in Sutton is listed as Grove Road Practice where people felt 99.11 per cent satisfied when asked how confident they were in their healthcare professional at their last appointment.

People who used this GP reported a 98 per cent level of satisfaction in the category of helpful receptionists and 89 per cent satisfaction with regard to ease of getting through on the phone.

We have compiled a list of the GP surgeries in Sutton where customer satisfaction is over 80 per cent.

Old Court House Surgery – 83 per cent

Stonecot surgery – 82 per cent

Grove Road Practice – 89 per cent

On the other hand, Cheam GP Centre was the Sutton GP with the lowest rating.

People who used this GP felt 21 per cent satisfaction when it comes to being able to get through on the phone.

And, when asked how often people get to see or speak to their preferred GP there was only a 20 per cent satisfaction rate.

The GP surgeries in Sutton with the lowest ratings (an overall satisfaction rate of under 70 per cent) are:

Mulgrave Road surgery – 66 per cent

Cheam GP Centre – 52 per cent

James O’riordan Medical Centre – 64 per cent