Croydon Athletic's new majority shareholder has promised manager Dave Garland cash for summer signings and set his sights on promotion.

Croydon-born Mazhar Majeed has taken over from club owner Roy Price, who he will now work in partnership with, and confirmed Garland's job is safe and that more players will be joining the Rams before the start of the season.

He said: "We are looking to get promotion definitely this season and then we will take stock at the end of the season and then hopefully get another promotion but we want to take this club as high as we can and as fast as we can. We have made a few investments in a few new players which will be announced shortly.

"Dave Garland is still there. I'm very happy with him and he said recently it's nice for a chairman to be saying we are going for promotion not just to stay in the league, so he is excited as well."

Mr Majeed, 32, who owns property developers Bluesky Developments, went to school in Coulsdon at Coulsdon High and said he was attracted to the Rams by the borough's up-and-coming name.

"One of the main things Croydon Athletic has is a name," he said. "Croydon as a borough is thriving, there's a lot happening in Croydon and that attracted me.

"It was also the potential of this club. What this club has achieved and how much it's spent achieving it compared to other clubs in the same division is quite outstanding really."

Mr Majeed also revealed his plans for updating the club's Keith Tuckey Stadium.

He said: "The season is starting soon so we can't really do too much before it starts but I think there's definitely going to be bigger plans for the end of this coming season to really make this place look a bit more attractive."

Mr Price added that Mr Majeed was not the only potential investor interested in the club, but his enthusiasm made him the best choice to take it over.

He said: "Maz was very positive which was great to see. When you're meeting someone whose got the same positive attitude which I feel we have, it makes life a lot easier.

"It's great news for the club. Since we have now got the academy up and running all the bricks are in place for us structurally.

"We are really excited for where we are going to go and where we are looking to go as a club."