A coroner reopening the inquest into the death of police sergeant Matt Ratana has claimed that potential "missed opportunities" have not been investigated.

Ratana was killed with a legally bought revolver in September 2020.

Gun fanatic Louis de Zoysa, 26, was found guilty of his murder and received a whole-life order.

South London Coroner’s Court heard on Friday the full inquest into Mr Ratana’s death will begin at the end of October but no final decision was made on whether there will be a jury.

A decision to hold the inquest under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which would mean examining whether the state breached its duty to protect the New Zealand-born officer’s right to life, was also postponed.

Senior coroner Sarah Ormond-Walshe said there had not yet been a “substantive hearing” about the “actions of police officers who had contact with Sgt Ratana in the hours preceding his death” and whether there were any “missed opportunities” to prevent it.

Sgt Ratana’s partner Su Bushby watched via video link as lawyers representing the Metropolitan Police were told to provide full disclosure and evidence, including unedited body-worn and CCTV footage, to all interested parties by next month.

Imran Khan KC, who represented De Zoysa during his trial, was also present during the short hearing.

A further pre-inquest review will take place at Croydon Town Hall on September 22, ahead of a three-week full inquest into his death at the same venue from October 30.

The inquest had opened in October 2020 but was adjourned during criminal proceedings.