A loved, family sitcom filmed in south London has recently been added to Netflix and was quickly trending on the streaming service.

Outnumbered first aired back in 2007 and the series ended in 2014, but as of July 15 the show became available on Netflix.

The sitcom is based in London and the iconic family home can be found in Wandsworth.

The Victorian, end-of-terraced house is situated on Dempster Road, just a stone’s throw from Clapham Junction station.

Outnumbered follows the Brockman family, made up of mum Sue, dad Pete and their three children Jake, Ben and Karen, and the chaotic day-to-day situations that arise in their household.

Most of the scenes are filmed in the house itself, but some are out and about in London.

In reality, the house was home to music producer Steve Brown, his wife and their two children.

Steve told the Evening Standard that the cast and crew filmed the sitcom in their home for around seven weeks per year, and that the compensation they received for it was enough to pay off their mortgage each year.

The crew filmed on the ground and first floors of the three-storey house, but in reality it is a five-bedroom home with three bathrooms and a studio office.

The Evening Standard reported that the family had been just about to renovate their house when the crew begged them not to so that it made a realistic, family home.

So, through the years that Outnumbered was filmed the parts of the house needed by the BBC were left untouched.

After the show ended, the house was put on the market for £1,795,000, after finally being refurbished.