Plans for a festival in a Croydon park have been blasted by local residents, saying a previous event led to ‘chaotic’ traffic and a punter ‘weeing’ outside houses.

Croydon Council has received plans for a festival in Addington Park to be held this September.

The event, called Festival in The Park, could attract up to 2,500 people and would be organised by DJ Andy Mills.

The festival is planned to take place on September 16 from 1 to 9.30pm and will include a mix of pre-recorded and live music, with alcohol also being served.

The plans for the festival have received several objections from locals.

Many residents cited difficulties they had experienced during another festival called Garage Nation, held in Addington Park in 2021.

One local said in their objection: “Directly opposite my property I witnessed a man urinating on a tree after the event, again, no council or any community policing presence was to be seen.”

The resident also said that traffic during the 2021 festival was ‘chaotic and dangerous’.

Another local said traffic management had been an issue for previous events in the area, and asked for specific information on which roads would be closed off.

They said in council documents: “Aggressive parking was a problem in 2021. No council officers were on hand to enforce compliance and issue tickets. This must be rectified.”

Council officers responded to the concerns about the 2021 event by admitting parking was ‘extremely poorly controlled’, as it was believed most attendees would use public transport instead of cars.

They said that steps would be taken to ensure the same issue did not happen again.

They added: “In respect of the individual urinating on a tree, this is clearly unacceptable behaviour and the police would have dealt with this individual, as they would anywhere in the borough, if they had been in vicinity at the time and seen this.”

The application for Festival in The Park said that an extensive management traffic management plan had been put in place for the event.

The plan states there will be no parking available either on site or in surrounding roads, and attendees will be encouraged to arrive by taxi or public transport.

Discounted rates on ride-sharing apps will also be available, with information on the event website.

It said: “To enforce the no parking and to ensure that residential areas are not used by attendees for parking there will be a removal vehicle for the duration of the event which will remove vehicles, signage will warn drivers of this and a number provided to reclaim vehicles.

"In addition to the removals vehicle there will be roaming traffic stewards to assist and advise.”

The application to hold Festival in The Park in Addington Park will be considered by the licensing sub-committee for Croydon Council on July 12.