TFL has issued a statement following concerns for a malfunctioning speed camera that was filmed constantly flashing in Angel Hill Road in Sutton.

A video shared with Your Local Guardian appeared to show a speed camera in Angel Hill, which has a 30 mile-per-hour limit, flashing even when cars appeared to be driving at slow speeds or when no cars were passing at all.

A resident, who wishes to be kept anonymous, claims the camera has been causing persistent worries to "innocent" and "law-abiding" drivers.

They explained: “This speed camera has been malfunctioning for far too long and causing persistent worries to innocent, law-abiding drivers such as myself.

“I, personally, have been trying to avoid this route since I noticed the problem but that’s not always possible.

"I hope that that the relevant authorities fix it as soon as possible and that no tickets or penalties are issued during the duration of which this speed camera was malfunctioning.

A TFL spokesperson has confirmed that the camera has been suspended from enforcement while repair works are carried out.

They additionally confirmed that Met Police will “not issue” any fines from this site until the camera has been repaired and is operational.

Any drivers that believe a fine has been issued incorrectly are advised to contact Met Police.

A spokesperson for TFL said: “We apologise for the faulty speed camera at Angel/Rose Hill in Sutton and we are currently working to rectify this issue as soon as possible.”