A team of parents and teachers from Sheen Mount Primary in Sheen rode their bikes from Richmond to Paris to raise funds for a new playing field.

The group, consisting of fifty members, completed the 270 km journey in just over 15 hours.

The gruelling two-day challenge saw the novice cyclists training together in Richmond Park and the surrounding areas for months leading up to the event.

The riders have currently raised £40,000 for the all-weather sports pitch and woodland trail, which will be constructed within the school's grounds.

Additionally, the team is donating to local charity Momentum, which supports families with seriously ill children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.

Headteacher Tom Holmes, who participated in the ride, expressed his gratitude towards the team and their families for their support throughout the training period.

He also highlighted the community spirit that was fostered during the event, as the parents volunteered as support riders.

Mr Holmes said: "A quite exhilarating, but exhausting experience riding with 46 parents and 3 other members of staff for 2 days from Sheen Mount to Paris.

“With our own parents being our support riders it really was a community event.

“Thank you to all the team-the support riders, the organisers and our families, for allowing us to be out training in the winter on Sundays!

“All of this to raise money for a school astroturf to replace our worn out field, plus our co-charity Momentum Children's Charity."

Sheen Mount Primary, being a state school, has focused on improving the sports facilities available to their students.

The introduction of an all-weather pitch will provide a more suitable playing surface for various sports activities throughout the year.

The team completed their journey at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday evening, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment for their dedication and hard work in support of their school.

The funds raised by the Sheen Mount team will help bring their plans for the new facilities to fruition, benefiting both the students and the wider school community.

Sheen Mount parent Cara MacGregor said: “Finishing together in the sunshine in Paris was an amazing feeling. Everyone dug deep and put in loads of training.

“It was a great thing to be part of and to do for the school community.”