A number of criminals from south east London have been jailed in June, including a paedophile psychiatrist, a cold case killer and multiple murderers.

Here’s a rundown of the criminals who are now behind bars. 

Dr Kabir Garg

Your Local Guardian: Dr Kabir Garg, who has a twisted sexual interest in childrenDr Kabir Garg, who has a twisted sexual interest in children (Image: NCA)

Dr Kabir Garg, 33, of Station Road in Ladywell, has been jailed for six years after he helped run a dark web site dedicated to child sexual abuse. 

The psychiatrist was one of the moderators on a site called ‘The Annex’ which had 90,000 members.  

Hundreds of links to child abuse photos and videos were shared each day on the dark web site. 

When he was arrested at his flat in November 2022, the site was open on his laptop and he was logged into his moderator account.  

As well as enforcing the rules of the site, Garg provided users with advice on how to share links to child sexual abuse material while evading law enforcement.  

Over 7,000 images and videos of child abuse were recovered, displaying that Garg had a clear sexual interest in children. 

Chase Wilson

Your Local Guardian: Chase Wilson blinded a security worker by stabbing him in the eyeChase Wilson blinded a security worker by stabbing him in the eye (Image: Met Police)

Chase Wilson, 32, of Glazebrook Close in West Dulwich, stabbed a bouncer at the Prince of Peckham pub in the eye - leaving him blinded in one eye.

Wilson stabbed the security guard in the eye after he had been kicked out of the pub for smoking, then ran away saying “I’ve killed him”.

Mr Evans was taken to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery which was not able to restore vision in his left eye. 

He now wears dark glasses to conceal the damage to his face and requires assistance in all parts of day-to-day life. 

Wilson was sentenced to 11 years and eight months in prison, with a further 18 months concurrent for possession of a knife. 

John Apelgren

Your Local Guardian: John Apelgren was found guilty of manslaughter and indecent assaultJohn Apelgren was found guilty of manslaughter and indecent assault (Image: Met Police)

John Apelgren, 80, of Byden Close in Sydenham, strangled a young woman to death nearly 50 years ago

He hit sex worker Eileen Cotter in the face and throttled her before throwing her body out of his car.

Ms Cotter’s partly naked body was found on June 1, 1974 outside garages known to be a sex worker haunt.

The 22-year-old’s death in Islington, north London, came two years after Apelgren sexually assaulted a guest at his own wedding to second wife Ann Apelgren in October 1972.

He has been jailed for 10 years and 6 months.

Robbie Munoz 

Your Local Guardian: Robbie Munoz murdered dad-of-two Reece WilliamsRobbie Munoz murdered dad-of-two Reece Williams (Image: Met Police)

Robbie Munoz, 22, of Belmont Road in Wallington, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 22 years after he stabbed dad-of-two Reece Williams to death with a 30cm hunting knife. 

Reece, a 29-year-old from Greenwich, was on his way home from the pub when he stopped to talk with a group of people who were sitting on benches by the river near Welland Street.   

Reece knew most of the group but he did not know Munoz, who was there with a girl inhaling balloons full of nitrous oxide and drinking.   

After becoming annoyed by Munoz’s behavour, Reece assaulted him. After the assault was over and Reece had walked away, Munoz then pulled the knife out of his bag and chased Reece, swinging it at him. 

Reece died in hospital just hours later. 

Munoz, who refers to himself as Taser or Taze, was a habitual knife carrier and had previously struck a care home worker with a samurai sword which he kept under his bed after they asked him to turn his music down.   

Reece’s family said he had an incredible relationship with his two young children and was also a role model for his young nieces and nephews. 

“He was a caring person, he had lots of respect for people and knew that manners were free,” Reece’s mum said. 

Henry Hendron  

Your Local Guardian: Henry Hendron has been jailed for attempting to buy drugs off a clientHenry Hendron has been jailed for attempting to buy drugs off a client (Image: Met Police)

Barrister Henry Hendron, 42, was jailed for 14 months after asking his criminal clients to sell him drugs. 

Messages found on 42-year-old Hendron’s mobile phone revealed he had asked to buy to buy Class A methamphetamine and then-Class C GBL from Arno Smit and Ezra Benson – clients he was representing at Woolwich Crown Court.   

Hendron was arrested out Belmark prison in May last year while visiting Smit as a lawyer. 

He pleaded guilty to three counts of intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence and one count of possessing Class A drugs.   

The barrister had previously represented high-profile clients including Tory MP Nadine Dorries, however, his career floundered after his 18-year-old boyfriend Miguel Jimenez was found dead at the flat they shared after taking a lethal cocktail of so-called chemsex party drugs.  

He admitted buying £1,000 worth of M-cat or Meow Meow and GBL from award-winning BBC producer Alex Parkin and was handed a community order with 140 hours of unpaid work at the Old Bailey in 2016. 

David Johnson 

Your Local Guardian: David Johnson was jailed for manslaughter and grievous bodily harmDavid Johnson was jailed for manslaughter and grievous bodily harm (Image: BTP)

David Johnson, 37, of Haddo Street in Greenwich, was jailed for 14 years for manslaughter and grievious bodily harm with intent after he stabbed a man to death in Greenwich. 

Just after 2am on May 1, 2022, a fight broke out following a large group of people outside Belushi’s sports bar next to Greenwich station. 

CCTV footage captured the moment Johnson pulled a knife from his waistband and began waving it around, slashing a 37-year-old man across the arm. 

After that he made a beeline for Ibrahim Bah and stabbed him in the abdomen. 

Bah, a 34-year-old described as a loving dad, collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he died just an hour later. 

His family said: “David Johnson not only stole Ibrahim's life but also every single persons that loved him.  We belong to Allah and to him we return we pray for Allah to grant him Jannah. 

“Whilst no sentence will ever bring our beloved Ibrahim back we are happy with the sentence that was given and all the hard work that has been put in.” 

Lloyd Burke 

Your Local Guardian: Lloyd Burke, who stole precious bespoke jewellery from a couple's home in CatfordLloyd Burke, who stole precious bespoke jewellery from a couple's home in Catford (Image: Met Police)

Lloyd Burke, 49, who was homeless, was jailed for three and a half years after he burgled a home in Catford, stealing £3,000 of goods from a husband and wife including precious bespoke jewellery.   

He broke into a home on Castillon Road on May 17, 2021, while the couple who lived there were out. 

CCTV from neighbour’s cameras showed Burke entering through the garden at 2.45pm, followed by the sound of the kitchen window being smashed.  

Nine minutes after he was seen entering the garden he was seen leaving again carrying several items with him, prosecutor Brent Martin said.  

These included three rings, two pendants, a gold cross, a bracelet and a locket with a photo of the homeowner’s daughter inside. Many of these items were bespoke and were priceless to the victims. 

The valuables were worth over £3,000, but an hour later he sold several items at a pawn shop for £120. 

The victims checked local pawn shops and recovered a few of the items but others have remained lost forever, the court heard.  

Jamiel Grant 

Your Local Guardian: Jamiel Grant was jailed for stalking involving fear of violence, assault and robbery - all against his ex-partner Jamiel Grant was jailed for stalking involving fear of violence, assault and robbery - all against his ex-partner (Image: Met Police)

Jamiel Grant, 29, of Grove Road in Mitcham, was jailed for four and a half years after he stalked his ex-partner and mother of his young son for two years after she broke up with him in 2020.   

He pleaded guilty to stalking involving fear of violence, robbery and assault.   

Between October 2020 and October 2022 Grant repeatedly turned up at her home refusing to leave. On some occasions he kicked at her door and tapped on her windows in the middle of the night, the court heard.  

He would repeatedly ‘bump into’ her when she was out and about. The regularity with which he did this caused her to believe he was tracking her movements. 

When Grant was eventually arrested police found that he had searched for and purchased a tracking device, the court heard. 

In a victim impact statement, the woman said she had to uproot her family and move home four times to escape him.  

She said: “I always feel I have to park far away from my home, not directly outside, just in case he has followed me, and I am forced to uproot my family again.” 

Emmanuel Nkrumah-Buansi, Jacob Afolabi, Habib Kanu and Lee Garrard 

Your Local Guardian: Emmanuel Nkrumah-Buansi (top left), Jacob Afolabi (top right) and Habib Kanu (bottom left) and Lee Garrard (bottom right)Emmanuel Nkrumah-Buansi (top left), Jacob Afolabi (top right) and Habib Kanu (bottom left) and Lee Garrard (bottom right) (Image: Kent Police)

In 2022, Emmanuel Nkrumah-Buansi, Jacob Afolabi and Habib Kanu planned to rob people using information supplied by Lee Garrard. 

At around 7.15pm on April 2, 2022, Nkrumah-Buansi and Afolabi arranged to meet a man, 22, near Mallard Close in Dartford. 

They approached him as he was sitting in his car and, as they tried to rob him, Nkrumah-Buansi stabbed the victim. 

They fled and the victim died at the scene, despite receiving medical attention, after having suffered wounds to his back and his left hand. 

At Woolwich Crown Court, Nkrumah, of Mayplace Road East, Bexleyheath and Afolabi, of Joyce Green Lane, Dartford both denied murder. 

On January 20, 2023, a jury found them both guilty of manslaughter. 

All four men were convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent. 

Kanu, of Buckland Hill, Maidstone and Afolabi were also convicted of conspiracy to rob. 

The men were jailed for a total of 68 years.