A Surbiton-based businessman and his son have been named as two of the five people on board the submarine that went missing during a voyage to see the Titanic.

On Sunday (June 18), the submersible named Titan, owned by US company OceanGate, went missing after it lost contact an hour and 45 minutes into the dive, 435 miles south of St John’s in Newfoundland.

Rescue teams are currently working on a mission to locate the missing submersible, with support from US and Canadian Naval and Air Forces.

OceanGate and other comercial vessles are also aiding in the search and rescue efforts.

It is believed that there may be as little as 54 hours of emergency oxygen left onboard the submersible.

Surbiton-based businessman Shahzada Dawood, 48, and his son Suleman have been named as two of the people on board the Titan.

Other passengers named on board the vessel are British billionaire and chairman of Action Aviation Hamish Harding, 77-year old French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush.

In a statement OceanGate Expeditions said: “We are deeply thankful for the extensive assistance we have received from several government agencies and deep sea companies in our efforts to re-establish contact with the submersible.”

The Dawoods belong to a prominent Pakistan family, with their firm, the Dawood Hercules Corporation, investing across the country in agriculture, industries and the health sector.

Shahzada Dawood is currently vice-chairman of Pakistani conglomerate Engro Corporation, which was founded as a fertiliser business, and is an adviser to the King’s charity, Prince’s Trust International.

The charity’s chief executive, Will Straw, said: “Prince’s Trust International has a longstanding relationship with Shahzada Dawood and his family.

“We are shocked by this awful news, praying for a rescue and sending our thoughts to his family during this deeply challenging time.”

The Engro Corporation said it is “in prayer” for the “swift and safe return” of its vice-chairman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood.

In a Facebook post, the company wrote: “All that we know so far is that contact was lost with their submersible craft.

“There is limited information available beyond this that we know, and we humbly request that speculation and theorisation is avoided.

“A rescue effort is being jointly led by multiple government agencies and deep-sea companies to find and bring home Shahzada, Suleman, and all aboard.

“Prayers for their safety and privacy for the family are requested during this testing time.

“We, at Engro, remain in prayer for their swift and safe return.”

It is understood the Dawood family, who live in Surbiton, south-west London, are due to be in Canada for a month.

A statement from the Dawood family, obtained by CNN, said: “As of now, contact has been lost with their submersible craft and there is limited information available.

“We are very grateful for the concern being shown by our colleagues and friends and would like to request everyone to pray for their safety while granting the family privacy at this time.

“The family is well looked after and are praying to Allah for the safe return of their family members.“