A 47-year-old man who found messages from another man on his girlfriend’s phone has appeared in court after he threatened him with a baseball bat. 

Carlos Serodio, of Clive Road in West Dulwich, appeared at Inner London Crown Court on Thursday (June 15) to be sentenced for threatening a man with an offensive weapon. 

On Saturday, February 25, Serodio had an argument with a man outside Sweet Portugal café on Norwood Road

Judge Karu, The Honourary Recorder of Southwark, said: “There appears to have been an argument about messages left on your girlfriend’s phone by him, you wanted to have it out with him.” 

During the argument Serodio returned to his car and took a wooden baseball bat out of the boot. 

Serodio waved it at the other man and threatened him. 

Police were called and Serodio was spoken to at his home. He told police: “I realised what I did was stupid. I threw the baseball bat away in the bin.” 

Serodio pleaded guilty at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on March 14 and the case was sent to Inner London Crown Court for sentencing. 

Judge Karu told him: “At the age of 47 you are standing in a criminal court in a dock, I assume thoroughly ashamed of your actions.” 

She added: “All this really because of some jealousy over these messages.” 

Serodio was given a one-year community order.