A Love Islander from Sutton is at risk of being dumped from the show in tonight’s episode (Wednesday) after a shocking twist was announced.

In last night’s episode, a recoupling was held only a few days after two new girls joined the villa.

The two new girls got to pick first, but then it was the boy’s turn since they are currently outnumbered.

Each boy chose their favourite girl, leaving Ruchee and Ella as the two girls not selected to be in a couple.

Ruchee, 24 from Sutton, will have her fate decided tonight.

At the end of last night’s episode, the twist was announced that the decision of which girl will be sent back to the UK is not up to the public vote, but up to the other contestants.

The islanders shared looks of horror and sadness around the fire pit as the announcement dawned on them, and tonight viewers will see them deliberate.

If Ruchee is chosen as the islander to be dumped, she will be sent packing and leave the show.

Also in last night’s episode, south east Londoner Zachariah shared a passionate kiss with Molly on the balcony.

But, new girl Charlotte took a liking to him and ultimately chose him in the recoupling.

However, Molly was saved by her former partner Mitchel, giving Zach and Molly the chance to stay in the villa and continue getting to know each other.