A festival with up to 2,500 attendees could soon be coming to a Croydon park.

The new festival in Addington Park would be organised by “highly regarded” DJ Andy Mills and called Festival in the Park.

If plans are approved by Croydon Council, it will be the second festival to take place this summer in the park. 

Made in 90s Festival will come to Addington over the weekend of July 29 for the second year running.

If approved the event would take place on Saturday, September 16 but set up would start on the Wednesday before and will be taken down on Monday.

The licensing application is for DJ music to be played with the accompaniment of guitars and percussion.

It says the event will take place from 12.30-10.30pm and would include the sale of alcohol.

The application said: “Andy Mills and In The Park Events Ltd are proud to present Festival in The Park. A one-day event in Addington Park showcasing premium acts and artists from the UK and Abroad. The event will promote the very best talent and artists in the music industry with a mix of pre-recorded and live acts.

“Andy Mills is a highly regarded and respected DJ and promoter who has successfully held events both indoor and outdoor all over the UK and abroad.

"The success of the events has provided a loyal following of music lovers who enjoy the safety and security of the well-organised events.”

Documents show the organisers are expecting people to arrive on foot from Gravel Hill from the tram stop with attendees told there will be nowhere for them to park.

Safety information supplied by the organisers say there will be two amnesty bins for sharp items and for drugs.

The application said: “The operator strongly discourages the use of drugs, herbal highs and nitrous oxide and has a zero-tolerance policy.

"This message is communicated clearly on the website and all promotional materials and there have been no issues at previous events however, there is always the possibility that someone will try to bring drugs into the event.

“The amnesty bin allows for these to be disposed of safely, the alternative being that they are recklessly discarded which could lead to being discovered by minors attending the park after the event.”

The application is open to public comments until June 15.