A Morden man who coated his house in aluminium foil to counter the effects of a phone mast is now petitioning the Prime Minister.

Simon Densley is so worried the phone mast at the end of his road in Love Lane is a risk to his health that he has been to Downing Street this month to deliver a protest letter to the Prime Minister.

The 37-year-old has lobbied Gordon Brown to not only remove the mast but is also trying to get the Government to acknowledge research linking exposure to phone radiation with an increased risk of cancer.

He said: "People might like their mobile phones but whether or not they or the masts are safe is a separate issue. We can't keep our head in the sand about the scientific evidence.

"The effects don't usually start to show up until a few years after the mast has been switched on. I have already had one inconsolable mother knock at my front door telling me her seven-year-old son had just been diagnosed with leukaemia.

"I checked the levels of microwave radiation in their home which was around 100 metres from the mast, and found them to be very high in some areas.

"That's not to say that it proves the mast caused the cancer, but we are seeing more and more of these situations around the country."

He added: "The mast on my road is still there and I'm going to keep fighting this issue, not just until it's removed but so that the Government starts to listen. We've already moved up from covering our house in foil to lobbying at Number 10."

Mr Densley campaigning has led him to helped establish the pressure group Mast Sanity. Details of the organisation's research can be found on mastsanity.org.uk