The owner of controversial Wallington drug paraphernalia store, "Your High", has defended his right to operate.

The news comes as Liberal Democrat Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, launches a petition against the Stafford Road store.

Mr Brake said his main concern was the shop's proximity to students from Bandon Hill Primary School.

"I am running the petition because the shop's location, just round the corner from a primary school, could not be more damaging," he said.

"Young, impressionable children will be led to believe that popping into your friendly retailer of cannabis paraphernalia is as normal as dropping into the newsagents, but It isn't."

An anonymous resident, who lives on the same road as the store, said: "The shop is just right outside by bus-stop and children are always hanging around looking in because you can, above and below the frosted strip on the window."

But store owner Anthony Bennett said he didn't believe there was a problem.

"I want everyone to realise I'm not looking to cause any trouble, I just need to run my business, which I might add sells legal products," he said.

"Still, I'd be happy to cover the full window - but I don't think it's necessary because you'd have to go on your hands and knees and crawl on floor to see what's inside," he said.

Mr Bennet added he was losing £100 in trading each day, to protect the children.

"I was opening at 9am, but now I don't open until 11am and I also close my doors between 3-3.30pm, so the children can't see inside the shop when they walk by," he said, adding he believed there were far more serious issues the community should be attacking.

"Kids can go into corner shops and see men-only magazines and DVDs sitting on the shelf, four foot in air in front of them," Mr Bennet said.

"I think that needs to be looked at before people start worrying about my store and its hemp and cigarettes."

But Laleh Mohabbat, of Benhill Wood Road, said: "Having a drug shop near the school is absolutely a crime, because what about all those drug users that will hang around the shop - aren't they a threat to children?

"And the issue of adult magazines is totally different from drug issues.

"Looking at breasts doesn't destroy the child's future, but having a shop that sells equipments that relates to using drugs just make the drug use as normal as we see smoking cigarettes.

"But smoking doesn't have side effects like getting high and burning the brain's cells."

Mr Bennett said he was in a "no win" situation. "In the end, it's a legal entity that we're running here," he said. "I've spoken to other businesses like mine and it appears any new store like ours is always going to get negative publicity. People aren't going to be happy, but we are selling legal goods and I need to run a business."

Mr Brake will be tabling an early day motion in Parliament soon, to debate whether shops like "Your High" should continue to trade legally.