Potholes and popped tyres are a headache for drivers in one Croydon neighbourhood.

Residents living in New Addington say they are fed up with the potholes plaguing their streets and want to see something done about it.

Locals told the Local Democracy Reporting Service things were particularly bad in the area around King Henry’s Drive.

Croydon Council said it has recently carried out 16 repairs but some locals say patching up the holes isn’t good enough and think it needs to be resurfaced.

Glenn Butcher who works at an MOT Centre in King Henry’s Drive said he has seen drivers with burst tyres, broken rims and broken suspension.

He said: “The council keeps coming out and filling the potholes but they just fill certain ones.

"They need to rip it all up and start again, you can only repair something that is not repairable a certain number of times.

“We have had so many people coming in with burst tyres. It is the major thoroughfare that takes everyone out of Croydon, it is terrible.

"I look like a drunk driver going up the road because I am swerving the potholes.”

And Glenn said the problem is just as bad on the Bromley side of King Henry’s Drive and on the way to Biggin Hill in the neighbouring borough.

Brothers, Paul and Steve Saglan, who run Addington Charcoal Grill in Calley Down Crescent are fed up with the potholes in the area.

They have had to shell out £600 for popped tyres on delivery cars.

Steve said: “This year it is the worst I have ever seen it. They do stupid patch-up works and as soon as you get cold weather it goes again.

"You’re driving, trying not to crash into anyone when you’re swerving around the potholes.”

Paul Suter, works across Croydon and Bromley as a cab driver and has had to replace two ball joints in his car’s suspension replaced due to the potholes.

He said: “The ones in King Henry’s are really really bad. The council gets £200 more a month from us and they don’t fix the roads, cut the grass or clean the streets.”

Veronica, 30 who lives close to Kestrel Way doesn’t drive herself but said she has seen drivers getting punctures on a particularly bad pothole.

While Tony Dixon said roads in Croydon are “the worst” he has seen.

The 41-year-old said: “I think they are getting worse and worse because the council has got no money.”

A few local drivers said conditions are much worse when it rains as the potholes aren’t easily visible.

Shirley King, 63, said: “It is so dangerous, I worry all the time about my car being damaged. Sometimes when there is water in the holes it is hard to see them.”

A spokesperson for Croydon Council said: “Our crews inspected this road three times in the past month, most recently on April 20.

"To date, we have completed works on 16 issues, with only three remaining.

"These final non-priority issues are expected to be completed within the next few days, as they were not found to be particularly dangerous. All of the potholes determined to be dangerous were filled within 24 hours of inspection.”

The council said it has received several reports of the potholes via its Love Clean Streets App which it said is the best way to do so.

Bromley Council was also contacted for comment.