A derelict pub in Croydon was broken into by people using it for parties, an MP said.

The Windmill in St James’s Road has been closed for a few years but in recent months has been used for “illegal activity”.

Sarah, Jones, MP for Croydon Central, said the pub has now been secured by the new owners.

Photos show the windows of the pub in St James’s Road have been bricked up.

Ms Jones said:”People had been having parties in there. It has been an empty pub for a while but the situation had been getting worse with people breaking in.

“When you have empty buildings like that they are not just an eyesore they an attract crime to an area.

"Neighbours were concerns about this and they were some anecdotal evidence that there had been an increase in crimes in the area.”

The Labour MP said there are also concerns about the car park being used and said her team has been in touch with the owners to secure this.

She added: “It is really good news the new owners have boarded up the building itself but we also want them to board up the car park around as well.

"The new owners are really concerned about safety on the site.”

The pub was put on the market for £1.5million back in January 2021. However, since then there has been no progress on the site and no plans for redevelopment have been submitted to Croydon Council.

Before it closed, The Windmill, which served traditional Indian food alongside pints, was popular with a four star rating on TripAdvisor.