A young artist got a dream phone call when a million selling rock band asked him to design the sleeve for their next album.

Paul Normansell, whose work is showcased in the A Gallery in Wimbledon, has been chosen by American group The Killers to create the artwork for their next release.

Mr Normansell, who was approached by the band's manager on June 6, has already exchanged emails with the group discussing ideas for the sleeve design.

He will create portraits of the band members, and some of his existing work might also feature on the album.

Mr Normansell said: "I still don't know how it's happened. It's amazing, but a little bit daunting. To go from doing quite well at galleries to hearing the Killers want to use your stuff is incredible."

The 29-year-old, who lives in Birmingham, uses the interaction between art and music as inspiration in his paintings and said that he was a huge fan of the Las Vegas group - although he had no idea how they knew about his work.

"I was listening to the first album then a few days later I got the call from their manager," he said.

The Killers shot to fame in 2004 when they released their debut album Hot Fuss, and last year the band topped the bill at the Glastonbury Festival.

Their third album is due for release this Autumn, and Mr Normansell said he was looking forward to beginning work on the cover "as soon as possible".

Fraser Kee Scott, director of the A Gallery, first noticed Mr Normansell's work at a degree show in Birmingham and since then he has exhibited it at the venue in Merton Hall Road.

"We've got more of his work in the gallery than any other in the country," he said. The pictures currently on show in Wimbledon include some that may feature on the forthcoming album.

Mr Normansell's other recent commissions include a painting of supermodel Kate Moss for the headquarters of cosmetics company Rimmel.